Important Notice

A bug in the Google Feeds API is causing some GeoRSS feeds to not properly load. As a result this map control should not be used for new maps.

Mobile GeoRSS Maps

Mobile GeoRSS maps combine the Google Maps v3 API and Google Feeds API to display a GeoRSS feed on a map optimized for mobile phone display.

Use Mobile GeoRSS Maps to simply add your map to your mobile website, or to generate a map link for emailing.

Google My Maps are supported. Use Mobile GeoRSS Maps to generate a mobile version of a My Map in seconds

Mobile GeoRSS maps work on any phone which supports the Maps v3 API, such as the iPhone and Android.


Map Settings

Feed URL or Google My Map ID (msid)

Feed URL Examples

Standard GeoRSS feed

Google My Map with GeoRSS output

Google My Map specified using the msid value (simpler)


Return URL
Main Map Type
Profile Map Type
Profile Map Zoom
Marker Colour
Marker Size

Add to website

Use this url to link to your Mobile GeoRSS Map:

Terms and Conditions

Mobile GeoRSS Maps are free to use on your website for commercial and non-commerical purposes.

Please include a link to Map Channels on your site when you use Mobile GeoRSS Maps.

Example link HTML :

<a href="" target="_blank">Map Channels</a> - Free Mapping Tools


<a href="" target="_blank">Mobile GeoRSS Maps by Map Channels</a>

Technical Notes

This map is a beta project, please contact us if you notice any bugs.

Only placemarks in a feed are displayed (lines and polygons are not displayed)

A maximum of 200 placemarks are displayed on the map

Custom Marker styles contained in a My Map are not displayed

API Reference

The base map URL is Add parameters to this URL to customize your Mobile GeoRSS Map. The table below lists available parameters.

f Feed URL or My Maps ID
r Return URL
mt Main Map Type 1=Road Map, 2=Satellite, 3=Hybrid, 4=Terrain
pt Profile Map Type 1=Road Map, 2=Satellite, 3=Hybrid, 4=Terrain
z Profile Map Zoom between 1 and 20
g Geolocation 0=Off 1=On
c Marker Colour 0=Red 1=Blue 2=Green 3=White

When you have built your URL, replace the URL in the embed code above and add the code into your web page.

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