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Welcome To Map Channels

Video Maps (Beta)

Video Maps are a new tool to display a YouTube travel video with synchronized Google Maps and Street View.

Create your own video map by supplying a YouTube video ID and the route data in GPX format.

The project is currently at the early beta stage and more features will be added over time.

Visit the Video Maps project page to get started.

22 Nov 2016

Various Updates

Bing Maps

Due to the upcoming retirement of the Bing Maps v6.3 API at the end of November the Dual Maps and Animated Route Maps projects have both been updated. Within both projects the Google Maps API is now used for the birds eye map panel, also some new features have been added. The update is automatic, no action is required if you already have these maps embedded on your site. See below for further details of these projects.


Google have decided to close the Panoramio website. Panoramio was a valuable resource which allowed users to share geocoded photographs and included an API which allowed these photos to be displayed on a map. Since the start of November the Panoramio API is no longer available. Version 5 of Map Channels included a 'Photos' menu option which has now been removed. As yet there is no replacement for the Panoramio API but if there is then version 5 will be updated to include it. One project which is unavailable now is the Photo Quiz Map which used the Panoramio API.

15 Nov 2016

Animated Route Maps 2

Version 2 of Animated Route Maps is now available here.

New Features:

1. Address search boxes with autocomplete can be used to select the start and destination addresses.
2. The pegman direction is displayed on the birds eye map.
3. The interface has been redesigned to simplify functionality.
4. Adverts can be hidden by clicking the 'hide ad' button which appears 30 seconds after the map loads.

Animated Route Maps 2

15 Nov 2016

Dual Maps 6 (Beta)

Version 6 of Dual Maps is now available here.

New Features:

1. An address search box with autocomplete can be used to easily find a named location or address.
2. A geolocation button can display your current location.
3. The pegman direction is displayed on the birds eye map.
4. The information panel is now (optionally) displayed in a smaller panel beneath the maps.
5. The place marker on either the main map or the birds eye map can be dragged and dropped to a new location.
6. Reverse geocoding is used to display the current marker address
7. Adverts can be hidden by clicking the 'hide ad' button which appears 30 seconds after the map loads.
8. Language options : English, French or Spanish

15 Nov 2016


Custom Project Development

See the Custom Coding page for more information.

We specialise in projects using Google Maps and Street View and are available to develop a range of project types.

Sponsorship and Advertising

Advertising help to fund the running of the website and to develop new features.

Please contact us if you would like to sponsor Map Channels or a feature within the website.

Quick Start: Create An Editable Version 5 Map Channel

Overview of v5: Printable Directions, Dual Maps and Local Maps

Map Channels v5.03

• Add Google Maps to your website without coding

• Free to use

• Embed within a web page or link to a full page map

• Create from KML, CSV or TSV feeds. Display multiple feeds

• Display and edit data created using Google My Maps

• Index side bar with layers

• Filters : name, layers, categories

• Tooltips

• Get Directions with bookmark link

• Print Map option

• Geolocation : display your location on the map

• Business Name / Address Search

• Street View

• Mapping Tools

• External KML Layers

• Secure Hosting option

• Custom Map Styling

• Customize text and links

• Display bookmark links for places

• Link to specialized maps : Local Maps, Dual Maps and Tour Maps


Updated: 26 Oct 2015




Editable Map Options

• Add, edit or delete placemarks

• Organize places into layers

• Define additional place data fields

• Select a street view to show for each place

• User place contribution option

• Email notification when new places are added

• KML export


Mapping Tools For Your Website

Map Channels v5

Map Channels v5

• Map multiple places, polygons and lines
• Combine multiple data feeds.
• Supports KML, CSV and TSV spreadsheets and Google Fusion Tables
• Integrated directions, search, tools and street view
v5 Tour Maps

Tour Maps

• View multiple pre-defined journeys using Google Maps, Birds Eye and Street View imagery
• Create from KML feeds. Manage using the v5 dashboard
• View the Tour de France demonstration map
Animated Route Maps

Route Maps

• View a journey using Maps, Birds Eye and Street View imagery
• Include way points and a range of display options
• Edit and save the route within the control
Local Maps

Local Maps

• Display multiple maps and street view for a single location
• Integrated directions, search and tools
Map Channels v4

Map Channels v4

• Map multiple places
• Customization options
Dual Maps

Dual Maps

• Synchronised map, birds eye and street view for a single locaion
• Many customization options are available
• Supply either latitude/longitude coordinates or place address as a parameter
Marker Gallery

Marker Gallery

Links to marker images that can be used with maps

Projects From External Sites

Directions Map

Directions Map

TripGeo City Guides

TripGeo City Guides

Trail Charts

Trail Charts

Street View Safari

Street View Safari

Team Maps

Team Maps

Quad Maps

Quad Maps

Site Information

Map Channels News

Photo Quiz Maps

Identify the location of photographs on the map. Explore random locations around the world.

4 Oct 2016

Treasure Maps

Follow clues to find a series of places using Google Maps and Street View.
Create and share your own Treasure Maps with the simple-to-use editor.

4 Oct 2016


Two new map-based game projects are now available : Treasure Maps and Photo Quiz Maps

4 Oct 2016

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About Map Channels

Map Channels has been running since 2007 providing mapping tools mostly based on the Google Maps API.

Map Channels version 5 lets you embed a custom map into your website or blog without the need for coding.

The service is free. You can use the map scripts generated by this site for both commercial and non-commercial use.

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10 Jul 2014

Websites of Interest

Map Channels Events find upcoming events around the world.

Map Channels Hotels use the interactive search map to find hotel bargains.

TripGeo is a mapping resource which hosts the Directions Map embeddable control.

Mashed World - featuring Street Tours and Worldwide Webcam.

Team Maps - Mapping Tutorials and Projects.

Google Maps Mania - An unofficial Google Maps blog tracking the websites, mashups and tools being influenced by Google Maps.

Mapperz Blogspot - The Mapping News Blog.

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