Tour of Dorset


• Search the map and follow clues to find a series of places.
• Click on the map to move the pegman long distances.
• To move short distances click on the navigation arrows and circles within the street view panorama.
• The bounding circle contains the current place to search for. The circle size decreases as you get nearer to the target place.
• A proximity inidicator in the top right indicates how near you are to the target place.
• When the message 'You are close' is displayed look at the street view panorama for an image to click on.
• Click on the target place image when you find it and advance to the next place.
• The game is complete when you find all the places on the map.
• There are no prizes, the game is just for fun.
• Adverts are displayed on the map which help to fund the site development. You can hide these adverts 30 seconds after the map loads.

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Image from See Bournemouth


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