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Team Maps

You must be logged in to create a Team Map

Note (31 Aug 2010) : Since the move to a more powerful server, new Team Maps can now be created again !

Team Maps are maps which you can embed on your web page and which can be edited by your site visitors.

Team Map Features

  • (1) Create a new empty Team Map, (2) create a map from an existing KML or (3) create a map using our pre-defined event venue map data
  • Customizable data schema - allowing you to define a set of data fields for your place markers
  • Customizable info window and tooltip contents - use javascript template code to format your data schema
  • Pre-defined javascript template functions to display images, YouTube videos, website thumbnails and RSS feeds within info windows
  • Define the set of icons that can be used for map markers
  • Optionally select other Map Channels users to be an admin or editor for your map
  • Review user edits before applying any changes to your map
  • Lock the map to disable map editing by users
  • Automatically generate KML, GeoRSS and Tab-delimited text feeds for your map data
  • Import data from KML files (e.g. Google My Maps) or tab-delimited text (Spreadsheet) files
  • Embed your Team Map into a web page using a single line of HTML code. This code uses an IFrame, the URL within the IFrame can include parameters allowing you to display a specific place on the map (plus other options).

Team Map Limitations

  • Only markers (points) can be added to a Team Map. Lines and polygons are not yet supported
  • Team Maps are suitable for map collections of up to 500 markers, performance will be affected when you use a larger number of markers.
  • Please contact us if you are getting more than 1,000 page views per day for maps, this assists in planning server resources.

Additional Info

  • You need to register and login to create a Team Map.
  • Team Maps are currently in beta
  • Please contact us with any comments, suggestions or bug reports.
  • Find more detailed support on the Team Maps Help page

Custom Team Maps ASP .Net / C# Server Code

  • Coming Soon. Please contact us for additional information.


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