Team Maps Help

Team Maps are a new feature currently in beta. Using team maps you can create an embeddable map which can be edited directly by users on your website.

Documentation / Help for Team Maps is currently quite limited, this section will be expanded once beta testing is complete.


1. Customizable Data Schema. A set of standard data fields is available for each place marker. Additional named data fields can be added to the schema.
2. Customizable Information Templates. The format used to display place marker information can be customized. Three information templates are available : Info Window, Data Panel and Tooltip. Each template is a simple javascript function used to generate displayed HTML. You can modify these templates to suit the requirements of your data.
3. Support for custom icon sizes.
4. User edits are not applied to the map until you review and approve them, which reduces the server load and also protects your map from 'spam' edits.
5. You can let other Map Channels users review edits or change map settings.
6. Export and Import. Data can be exported and imported in either KML and tab-delimited text file format.


1. Only place markers can be displayed in a Feed Map. Polygons and Lines are not currently supported.
2. Team Maps are best suited for maps with less than 200 places. More places can be added but performance may decrease for some browsers.
3. New features are under development to improve support for maps with a large number of places.


1. Team Maps are free to create and embed in your website.
2. Team Maps must comply with Google Maps' Terms and Conditions.
3. Team Maps can only be created by registered Map Channels users.
4. Map Channels reserves the right to change the terms and availability of Team Maps

Embedding The Map

To embed a map copy and paste the code generated on the Map Settings page to your own web page.

You can add additional parameters after 'map.htm' to adjust the map behaviour:
  • x : longitude
  • y : latitude
  • zoom : zoom level
  • t : map type (1-4)
  • id : show the info window for the place with this id value
  • edit : Add 'edit=-1' to disable all user edit features. Add 'edit=0' to disable the edit/delete features but retain the 'add place' feature.

Template Functions

The template section contains 3 blocks of javascript that let you customize the format of the info window and tooltip. The initial templates are fairly simple. You can add custom data fields to the template and use a number of pre-defined functions. You can also define new functions.

Pre-defined functions are:

formatTooltip(a) - replaces spaces with   (non-broken space) characters.

formatSnippet(a) - appends to a string a link which maximizes the info window when clicked.

formatMaximize(title) - create a link to maximize the info window. For use in the standard info window.

formatSiteThumbnail(url,size) - generates a thumbnail image of a website using the PageGlimpse thumbnail service. Size can be "small", "medium" or "large".

formatYouTube(code,size) - generates an embeddable YouTube clip.

code = the parameter contained within the youtube url (not the full url).

size = 0 (small) to 3 (large).

e.g. for a YouTube video at enter 'TftFnot5uXw'.

formatLink(url,title) - generates a link to another webpage that opens in a new browser tab or window.

formatImage(url) - generates an image using the supplied image url.

Custom HTML within the template

e.g. var html = '<img src=' + url + ' style='max-width:200px;max-height:200px' %2F> will display an image which will be resized if it is wider or higher than 200 pixels. This is especially useful for displaying images in info windows or tooltips.

RSS Feeds

You can include an RSS Feed within the info window of a map marker :

• Create a field within the Schema called 'feed'

• In the Info Window Maximized Template (or the Info Window Standard Template) include a div element with id of 'feedDiv'.
e.g. <div id='feedDiv'><div>

RSS Feeds are displayed using the Google Feeds API and are usually updated hourly

Link Back

Please add a link to on any page where you embed a team map (ideally below the map).

Links help to improve our site rank. In return you can select to share your map in the library of Team Maps and get a link to your site.


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