Switch Maps

Switch Maps combine these map types :

    • Google Maps • Google Earth • Street View • Bing Maps • Open Street Map • Yahoo Maps

Switch Maps also include Google Street View plus user photos from Panoramio and Picasa.

View example maps in the Switch Maps Gallery.

A number of options are available to customize your map's features.


Map Settings
Terms and Conditions
Technical Notes
API Reference
Useful Links



Embed the map onto your website or blog by adding this code to your web page.

Full Page Link

Add this code for a link to a full page map :

Map Settings

Set location by dragging and dropping the marker or by panning the map
Longitude °
Latitude °
Width px
Height px

Map Layers

Google Satellite Map
Google Hybrid Map
Google Physical Map
Google Earth (3D)
Street View
Bing Maps
Open Street Map
Yahoo Maps

Map Options

Navigation Control
Show Co-ordinates
Show Map Ads
Search Bar
Initial Map Mode

Google Earth (3D) Options

Initial Heading (0 to 360°)
Orbit On
Orbit Distance (metres)
Orbit Angle (0 - 90°)
Orbit Speed 1 (slow) - 10 (fast)

Street View

Optionally specify an exact Street View image to display. By default, the Street View displayed will be the nearest available view.

Street View Auto-Select

Terms and Conditions

Switch Maps are free to use on your website provided you include a link to www.mapchannels.com on the page where the map is displayed.

Example link HTML :

<a href="http://www.mapchannels.com" target="_blank">Map Channels</a> - Free Mapping Tools


<a href="http://www.mapchannels.com/SwitchMaps.aspx" target="_blank">Switch Maps by Map Channels</a>

Check the terms of Google Maps, Bing Maps and Yahoo Maps.

Technical Notes

• Movement on the selected map is reflected on other map types. The exception is Bing Maps (when in Bird's Eye view mode) where movement is not reflected on other maps.

• Search Bar and Ads are not compatible with Google Earth Mode. If either Search Bar or Ads options are selected then the Google Earth layer will not be available.

• The Google Earth (3D) Mode requires a plugin, a link to this plugin is displayed to the user if it not already installed.

API Reference

The base map URL is http://data.mapchannels.com/switchmap/100/map.htm. Add parameters to this URL to customize your Switch Map. The table below lists available parameters.

x Longitude in degrees
y Latitude in degrees
z Zoom Level 1 - 20
l Layers list of map types separate by commas:
sat=Satellite, hyb=Hybrid, phy=Physical, ge=Google Earth, sv=Street View, bing=Bing Map, osm=Open Street map, yahoo=Yahoo Map
e.g. l=hyb,ge,bing,osm,yahoo
If not supplied, all map types will be used
c Map Control 0=None 1=Small 1=Large
d Display Coordinates 0=No 1=Yes
a Ads 0=No 1=Yes
s Search Bar 0=No 1=Yes
i Initial Map Mode 1=Road Map, 2=Satellite, 3=Hybrid, 4=Physical, 5=Google Earth, 6=Street View, 7=Bing Map, 8=Open Street map, 9=Yahoo Map
e Google Earth Five values separated by spaces: orbit on, initial heading, orbit distance, orbit angle, orbit speed. e.g. e=270,1,250,75,2
v Street View Five values separated by spaces: longitude, latitude, heading, pitch, zoom.
addr Address address to geocode. If this address is geocoded then the geocode latlong will override the &x and &y parameters.

When you have built your URL, replace the URL in the embed code above and add the code into your web page.

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