Street Earth Map

Street Earth Map is a project which combines the Google Maps API and Google Earth API to display locations using overhead maps, street view imagery and 3D Google Earth imagery.

The project is a reworking of an old project called Street Earth which was originally published at in 2008. Street Earth Maps has improved syncing between the maps. When you adjust the heading and pitch within the street view the Google Earth view will change accordingly.

Important Note: Google have announced recently that the Google Earth API will be retired at the end of 2015. Also, browser support for the required plug-in is limited. The page works best in Chrome 32 bit. Also Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer with compatibility view can be used to view the maps. It is recommended to link to the Street Earth map page rather than to embed it using an iframe, since not all visitors will be able to view the Google Earth component of the map.

Although the Google Earth API is being retired it is highly likely that a replacement API which includes Google Maps and Google Earth will be made available before this happens. The Street Earth Map control will be updated to use the new API when it is released.

How To Link To The Street Earth Map

The base URL of the Street Earth Map is:

Set specific co-ordinates using the lat and lng parameters. For example:

Link to an address using the addr parameter. For example:

Add a zoom parameter to set the required zoom level.

Embedding The Street Earth Map

Add this code to your web page:

<iframe style="width:976px;height:640px; padding:0px" src="" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Add lat, lng, addr and/or zoom parameters after map.htm to display the required location (see the examples above).

Here's an example


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