Route Draw Tool

Use this tool to create a simple route using free drawing.

Instructions : Click once to start drawing. Move the mouse to create the route. Click again to stop drawing

The route is displayed as KML data which can be copied and pasted into a file or used to create a Tour Map.

Note (19 Jul 2015): There is a bug in the current version of Firefox (v39) which affects projects using the Google Maps v3 API. Please use Chrome or Internet Explorer until this bug is fixed.

To Create A Tour Map:

(1) Register and / or Login

(2) Create a New KML Feed and paste in the KML data created on this page

(3) Find the new tour map in your collection of Tour Maps and click the link to view, edit and embed the map.


KML Data


• For best results use a mouse with a scroll wheel to zoom in and out as required.

• Hold down the left mouse button to pan the map while creating a route.

• The route is 'free drawn' and does not automatically snap to roads. Zoom in to ensure that the route you create follows roads (ideally roads where street view is available).


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