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Map Channels v5 Primer

Key Features

• Display multiple data feeds on the same map.
• Support for Google My Maps, KML, Spreadsheets (CSV, TSV and Google Spreadsheets) and Google Fusion Tables.
• Powerful feed templates to define the data displayed using available feed data fields.
• Define the sort order of data.
• Support for multiple layers and filtering by layer.
• Optionally sort layers by name.
• Place categories can be defined and displayed as a legend and filter.
• Name filter to select places by name.
• Customize styling of controls using CSS.
• Use custom map styles to change the map's appearance.
• 'Print Map' option.
• Search for places by name or by place category.
• Traffic, Bicycling and Public Transit layers.
• Support for Google's new Signed In feature which allows places to be bookmarked on Google Maps.
• Integrated map and street view which can be displayed when a place marker is clicked.
• Integrated directions service with multiple options.
• Zoom controls to easily zoom into a selected place.
• Copy settings for new maps from existing template maps.
• Option to host the map using a secure https:// connection.


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