Map Channels (v3) FAQ

This section lists solutions to some common problems.

  1   Images overflow the info window

Images sometimes do not fit into the space of the info window because the dimensions of uncached images are not known when the info window is opened.

To fix this do one of:

(1) Set a fixed info window height.

(2) Edit your map data and set a height and width attribute for each image.

  2   Polygons are not clickable

This problem can occur for some data with the Google Maps API 2.125 onwards. If you experience this problem you can use this workaround :
  • Change the Google Maps API version to 2.124 or 2.118
  • Disable Panoramio and Wikipedia layers
  • Change the Map Navigation control type to large, small or none (not 3D)
  • Click 'Update'

Please contact us if you encounter a bug or problem not listed here.


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