About Map Channels Version 3

Map Channels Version 4 is the latest version of Map Channels.


• User-definable dictionaries to present maps in any language
• Marker clustering to display large numbers of markers on a map
• Google Street View
• Microsoft Virtual Earth

Version 2 Features Not Included in Version 3

• Slideshow
• Drag-zoom control
• Relief map layer
• Search channels (Hotels, Events, Wikipedia, etc)

Map Channel Structure

A major change for version 3 is the separate storage of maps and feeds. This makes it easier to create a multi-feed map and manage your data.

In the main Map Channels Page you can view lists of all maps, feeds and dictionaries. Each listing includes edit and delete links.

When you create a new map you usually create a new feed at the same time. Once the map has been created you can change the settings for the map, and also add or remove feeds.

Map Channel Feeds

A feed is a collection of map elements which can be displayed on the map. Feeds can be from a KML, GeoRSS or Spreadsheet source.

See the Tutorial section for a guide to customizing feeds

Map Channel Dictionaries

By default the map is presented in English. You can use a dictionary to translate some or all of the phrases used within the map. Dictionaries can be used to translate the map or to re-phrase the text used on a map for a specific purpose.

Once a dictionary has been created it can be re-used for other maps.


A small ad unit is displayed on the map by default.

Local Hosting

It is possible to locally host v3 Map Channels. In the Map Edit page click on the 'local hosting' button for instructions on how to locally embed your map.


If you find any bugs or have any questions please Contact us with details. Feedback, comments or suggestions are welcome. Custom project development services are also available.


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