Tutorial 2 : Compact Map with no sidebar


The default map style is aimed at maps containing a number of markers and so has a sidebar included. There are options to minimize this sidebar when the map is loaded and to change the map size.

Some users don't want a sidebar for the map. Follow the instructions below to set your map channel to display in a compact format suitable for a map that includes a single marker.

This example uses the map previously created in Tutorial 1. Click on 'My Map Channels' first, find the created channel in your channel list then click on 'Edit'.


1. In Section 5 (Style Settings), enter the desired map size, for example width of 320 and height of 200

2. In Section 6 (Presentation Settings) set the first option (Sidebar appearance) to 'No Sidebar'.

Further options allow you to remove standard map controls:

3. In Section 4 (Map Functionality), select the following options to 'No' or 'None' :
  Overview (Corner) Map
  Map Type Controls
  Map Navigation Controls
  Scale Control

You can opt to show the info window (speech bubble) for a specified marker. This is a useful option for maps that contain a single or main marker.

4. In Section 6 (Presentation Settings) for the 'Initial Info Window' option, type the exact name of a marker. In the example map this is 'Bournemouth'.

A standard info window may be too large to display in a small map area, so you can select a compact info window.

5. In Section 6 (Presentation Settings), select 'Compact' for the Info Window Type option.

By default, compact info windows contain a link to a fullscreen map. If you don't want this icon included:

6. In Section 6 (Presentation Settings), set the 'Show Full Screen Link' option to 'No'.

A 'down arrow' icon is shown for compact info windows when a marker has a description set. Clicking this icon displays the description text or HTML below the marker name.

Here is an example of a compact embedded map.

Note : Please include a link to Map Channels when you add a map to your site. For example:

This map was embedded using Map Channels

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