Tutorial 1 : Default Map using Google My Maps Data

Creating an embedded map with the default options is very simple.

Before you start

First register for a Map Channels user account and log in. This is free and only takes a minute.

If you have not already used Google My Maps view these Instructions then create a My Map.

You need the URL (web address) of your KML file (the file stored by Google which contains your map data).

To obtain your map data URL, goto your My Maps collection at maps.google.com.

Select the map you want to embed, then right click on the link labelled 'KML' and select 'Copy shortcut' or 'Copy Link location' (see the screenshots opposite).

Creating the map script

1. Click on 'Create New Map Channel' from the page titlebar.

2. Paste the URL you have previously copied into the 'Data Source' textbox in section 1.

3. Click the checkbox in section 4 to confirm you agree to the site terms and conditions.

4. Click the 'Create' button.

5. You are now directed to the Map Channel Edit page. A preview of the embedded map is shown at the top of the page. Below the preview is a section labelled 'Map Script'. Copy the contents of the text box and paste into your own web page.

6. The map is ready to display on your own website.


Internet Explorer:

Here's an embedded map we created earlier

There are a lot of other options grouped by category to try out. View the other site tutorials for instructions on using these options or experiment yourself.

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