Location Maps

Location Maps are simple controls to display a map of a single location. Street View can optionally be shown with the map.

Location Maps use the Google Maps v3 API and are free to use.

To create a location map select your settings below, click any 'Update' button then copy and paste the embed code to your web page.

Please include a link to www.mapchannels.com somewhere on the page where the location map is displayed.

Preview   Map Settings   Embed   Terms and Conditions   API Reference   Technical Notes

Location Map Preview

Location Map Settings

Set the location by dragging and dropping the marker or by using the 'Find Address' control.

Street View
x   y   z sy   sx   sh   sp   sz  

Width px
Height px

Map Marker
Marker Info Window Text
Maximum Info Window Width (>= 250) px
Marker Image Url

e.g. http://maps.google.com/mapfiles/ms/micons/restaurant.png - see the Markers Page for more.

Map Type Control
     Road Map Layer
     Satellite Map Layer
     Hybrid Map Layer
     Terrain Map Layer

The initial map type is set using the map above.

Map Navigation Control
Map Scale Control
Draggable Map
Scroll Wheel Zoom
Street View Control

When Street View Control is 'No' the control starts in full map mode.

Street View

Only applied for a split map/panorama layout

Show Street View Navigation
Show Street View Links
Show Street View Address

Show 'Reset' Button On Map


Embed the map onto your website or blog by adding this code to your web page.

Full Page Link

Add this code for a link to a full page map :

Terms and Conditions

Location Maps are free to use on your website provided you include a link to www.mapchannels.com on the page where the map is displayed.

Example link HTML :

<a href="http://www.mapchannels.com" target="_blank">Map Channels - Free Mapping Tools</a>


<a href="http://www.mapchannels.com/LocationMaps.aspx" target="_blank">Location Maps by Map Channels</a>

Your map must also comply with the Google Maps Terms and Conditions.

API Reference

The base map URL is http://data.mapchannels.com/locationmap/100/map.htm. Add parameters to this URL to customize your Location Map. The table below lists available parameters.

mx Map Marker Longitude degrees
my Map Marker Latitude degrees
mz Map Zoom Level 1 - 20
mt Map Type 0 = Road Map, 1 = Satellite, 2 = Hybrid (default), 3 = Terrain
sx Street View Longitude degrees
sy Street View Latitude degrees
sh Street View Heading degrees
sp Street View Pitch degrees
sz Street View Zoom Level Integer, default = 1
dm Display Mode 0 = Full Map (default), 1 = Full Street View, 2 = Horizontal Split, 3 = Vertical Split
it Marker Info Window Text Leave blank for no info window.
mw Maximum Info Window Width Width in pixels, minimum value = 250px
mu Marker URL URL of the custom marker image.
tc Map Type Control 0=None 1=Default 2=Drop Down Menu
t1 Road Map Layer 0=Disabled 1=Enabled (default)
t2 Satellite Map Layer 0=Disabled 1=Enabled (default)
t3 Hybrid Map Layer 0=Disabled 1=Enabled (default)
t4 Terrain Map Layer 0=Disabled (default) 1=Enabled
mn Map Navigation Control 0=Disabled 1=Android 2=Default 3=Small 4=Large (Zoom Pan)
ms Map Scale Control 0=Disabled (default) 1=Enabled
md Draggable Map 0=Disabled 1=Enabled (default)
msw Map Scroll Wheel Zoom 0=Disabled (default) 1=Enabled
msv Map Street View Control 0=Disabled 1=Enabled (default)
sl Show Street View Links 0=Disabled 1=Enabled (default)
sn Show Street View Navigation Controls 0=Disabled 1=Enabled (default)
sa Show Street View Address Label 0=Disabled (default) 1=Enabled
rb Show the Map Reset Button 0=Disabled (default) 1=Enabled
addr Address Address to geocode. Overrides the mx,my and sx,sy,sh,sp,sz parameters.
eb Embed Button 0=Disabled 1=Enabled (default). This option is only available for locally hosted maps.

When you have built your URL, replace the URL in the embed code above and add the code into your web page.

Technical Notes

• You may copy the embeddable Location Map HTML Page to your own website (change the url used within the embeddable HTML code).
• Location Maps use the new Google Maps v3 API. This is more compact so loads faster.
• No API Key is needed for the Google Maps v3 API.
• The Street View is displayed without using Flash so no browser plugins are required.
• The 'fullscreen view' option included with the v2 API is not available. To see a larger street view click on the Google logo to see the street view at maps.google.com.


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