Local Maps

Local Maps provide a simple way to create a map displaying a single place marker plus a number of optional features.
No coding is required, just copy and paste the script to your web page to embed the Local Map on your website.
• Create location map and area map views. Set the map type and zoom level for each map view.
• Choose a custom place marker icon and dimensions.
• Find driving, bicycling and walking directions. Find directions from your current location.
• Display a nearby Google Street View. Either display the nearest street view automatically or select a specific street view when creating your Local Map.
• Use Google Places Search to find nearby local businesses or to find a specific address. Choose which place categories to display.
• Display map layers including traffic, bicycling and public transit.
Distance Tools measure distances between points or display a radius circle around the place.
Define the map's functionality, remove menu items which are not required for your Local Map.
Customize the appearance of your Local Map by defining the font family and font size.
Registration is not required but registered users can save their Local Map settings between sessions.
• Use the form further down this page to configure your Local Map now and create a map script for your website.
• The default settings display a map of Stonehenge located in Wiltshire, England.
Free to use. The advert in the left corner above the map helps to support the development and running costs of this website.
• Please contact us if you have any questions, bug reports or feature requests.

Manage Multiple Local Maps using Map Channels Version 5

Map Channels v5 displays multiple placemarks on a Google Map. When you select a placemark within a v5 map you can view the Local Map link. Use this feature to manage a collection of Local Maps and link to or embed the maps on your website. Add parameters to customize the Local Map's appearance.

Secure Hosting Option

You can now use secure hosting to embed Local Maps on a secure website (where the URL starts with https://).

Local Map Preview

Local Map Script

To embed your Local Map copy and paste this HTML code to your web page:

Local Map Link


Local Map Settings

Secure Hosting  
Width px    Enter a width of '0' for 100% width
Height px
Font Family Leave blank for default font family
Font Size Leave blank for default font size
Distance Units

Place Name



Location Map

Zoom Level
Map Type

Area Map

Enable Area Map
Zoom Level
Map Type

Map Controls

Map Type Control
Map Scale Control
Map Scroll Wheel

Street View

Enable Street View
Automatic Street View
Street View Latitude
Street View Longitude
Street View Heading
Street View Pitch
Street View Zoom

Place Marker

Marker Icon URL    Reference Leave blank for the default icon
Marker Width
Marker Height

Enable Features

Place Information Sidebar

Distance Tools

Enable Distance Tools
Radius Distance

Places Search

Enable Places Search

Enter one category type per line, or leave blank to list all categories

Available Place Categories

Url Parameter Reference

The base URL for a Local Map is http://www.mapchannels.com/localmap/map.htm. Add parameters to this URL to customize your Local Map.

The name, address, description, website and icon parameters should be encoded using UrlPathEncode (ASP .Net) or base64_encode (PHP).

Parameter Type Default Description
fontfamily string Sans-serif The font family name, e.g. Courier or Times-Roman
fontsize string small The font size, e.g. 12px
units string miles The distance units used for the Directions and Distance Tools
name string blank The place name
address string blank The place address which is geocoded if lat and lng parameters are not provided
description string blank The place description
website string blank The place's website URL. Remember to include the http://
lat float 0 The place's latitude value
lng float 0 The place's longitude value
lz int 18 The location map zoom level
lt string hybrid The location map's initial map type, can be roadmap, satellite, hybrid or terrain.
areamap string yes Enable the area map option, can be yes or no.
az int 13 The area map zoom level
at string hybrid The area map's initial map type, can be roadmap, satellite, hybrid or terrain.
mtc string yes Map type control, can be yes or no.
msc string yes Map scale control, can be yes or no
msw string yes Mouse scroll wheel, can be yes or no
streetview string yes Enable street view, can be yes or no
slat float 0 Initial street view latitude
slng float 0 Initial street view longitude
sh float 0 Initial street view heading
sp float 0 Initial street view pitch
sz float 0 Initial street view zoom
icon string empty URL of the custom place marker icon
iconwd int 32 Width of the place marker icon
iconht int 32 Height of the place marker icon
sidebar string yes Enable the place information sidebar which is displayed for the location map, area map and street view modes. Can be set to yes or no
directions string yes Enable the directions search menu item, can be yes or no
search string yes Enables the places search menu item, can be yes or no
layers string yes Enables the layers option, can be yes or no
bookmark string yes Enables the bookmark option, can be yes or no
distance string yes Enables the distance yool option, can be yes or no
radius int 5 The initial radius value
places string blank A list of place category IDs separated by commas. Leave blank to display the full list of categories


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