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Welcome To Map Channels

V5 Tour Maps

Version 5 Tour Maps are a new mapping project that let you create animated route maps from a KML source which you can embed on your website.

UPDATE: Use the new Route Draw Tool to easily create a route and measure distance for your Tour Map.

Tour de France 2015

Select a race day from the drop down list in the top-left. Press 'Play' to animate the route. Drag and drop the 'peg panda' to switch to a different section of the route.

View The Tour de France 2015 Map

Mapping Tools For Your Website

Map Channels v5

Map Channels v5

• Map multiple places, polygons and lines
• Combine multiple data feeds.
• Supports KML, CSV and TSV spreadsheets and Google Fusion Tables
• Integrated directions, search, tools and street view
v5 Tour Maps

Tour Maps

• View multiple pre-defined journeys using Google Maps, Birds Eye and Streetview imagery
• Create from KML feeds. Manage using the v5 dashboard
• View the Tour de France demonstration map
Animated Route Maps

Route Maps

• View a journey using Maps, Birds Eye and Streetview imagery
• Include way points and a range of display options
• Edit and save the route within the control
Local Maps

Local Maps

• Display multiple maps and street view for a single location
• Integrated directions, search and tools
Map Channels v4

Map Channels v4

• Map multiple places
• Customization options
Dual Maps

Dual Maps

• Synchronised map, birds eye and street view for a single locaion
• Many customization options are available
• Supply either latitude/longitude coordinates or place address as a parameter
Marker Gallery

Marker Gallery

Links to marker images that can be used with maps

Projects From External Sites

Directions Map

Directions Map

TripGeo City Guides

TripGeo City Guides

Trail Charts

Trail Charts

Street View Safari

Street View Safari

Team Maps

Team Maps

Quad Maps

Quad Maps

Site Information

Map Channels News

Tour Maps : Mapping the Tour de France 2015

Tour Maps are a new mapping project that let you create animated route maps with Street View from a KML source which you can embed on your website. View the demonstration to see how Tour Maps are used to present a map of the Tour de France 2015 routes.

3 Jul 2015

Animated Route Maps - New Features

Up to 8 'via' way point addresses can be defined. A bookmark option allows routes created by dragging way points to be saved.

29 Jun 2015

Map Channels Version 5 Improvements

Local Hosting and a few other improvements have been added for v5 this week.

20 Mar 2015

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About Map Channels

Map Channels has been running since 2007 providing mapping tools mostly based on the Google Maps API.

Map Channels version 5 lets you embed a custom map into your website or blog without the need for coding.

The service is free. You can use the map scripts generated by this site for both commercial and non-commercial use.

Get Started

Register for a free user account.

• Read the Map Channels v5 Tutorial.

• Create a New Map Channel to embed your map into your website in seconds.

• Edit the map display settings to enhance your map's appearance and functionality.

Donate To Support Map Channels

Users who donate 25 GBP or more are upgraded to supporter status and receive benefits listed on the Donate page.

Supporters receive these benefits for as long as the site is running, there is no subscription time limit.

10 Jul 2014

Websites of Interest

Map Channels Events find upcoming events around the world.

Map Channels Hotels use the interactive search map to find hotel bargains.

TripGeo is a mapping resource which hosts the Directions Map embeddable control.

Mashed World - featuring Street Tours and Worldwide Webcam.

Team Maps - Mapping Tutorials and Projects.

Google Maps Mania - An unofficial Google Maps blog tracking the websites, mashups and tools being influenced by Google Maps.

Mapperz Blogspot - The Mapping News Blog.

Google Geo Developers Blog - Official Google Maps API Blog.

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