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Feed Maps Tutorials

View the page source of the following tutorials to see how Feed Maps work

Try out a tutorial by copying the page code to your own page. Remember to set the Google API Key for your site.

Tutorial 1 - Simple Map of London with preset bounds and no feeds

Tutorial 2 - Silicon Valley Historic Tour

Tutorial 2 (within an IFrame)

Tutorial 3 - Silicon Valley Historic Tour, with Street View added

Tutorial 3 (within an IFrame)

Tutorial 4 - London Landmarks from a Google Spreadsheet

Tutorial 5 - Interesting Street Views from a Google Spreadsheet

Tutorial 6 - Portland Farmers Market Vendors, using marker and description filters

Tutorial 7 - Miami Hotels (using paging to display a large number of places)

Tutorial 8 - London For Free, combining multiple KML feeds

Tutorial 9 - Interesting Street Views using Google Earth

The tutorial maps use data from :

Virtual Tourism - Exploring the world with Google Maps and Street View.

London For Free - See London's major tourist attractions for free by following one of 10 free self-guided walking tours or doing the cheap London sightseeing bus tour. Or visit one of London's many free museums, parks, markets and historic pubs.

Portland Farmers Market - Four urban, farm-direct markets make up Portland Farmers Market. These markets run from April through December, serving more than 20,000 shoppers weekly. With over 200 vendors from Oregon and Washington, Portland Farmers Market has been bringing the best of the country to the heart of the city since 1992.

Google My Maps - A user-created map documenting the history of Silicon Valley.


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