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Feed Maps Language

Feed Maps can fairly easily be adapted to be presented in another language.

Two changes are needed:

1. Within the map HTML file edit the line google.load("maps", "2.123"); and add a language option according to the table below. This will display the map controls using the selected language but does not change the language used on the map to display place names.

Language Javascript Code
Dutch google.load("maps", "2.123", {"language" : "nl"});
Polish google.load("maps", "2.123", {"language" : "pl"});
French google.load("maps", "2.123", {"language" : "fr"});
German google.load("maps", "2.123", {"language" : "de"});
Spanish google.load("maps", "2.123", {"language" : "es"});
Italian google.load("maps", "2.123", {"language" : "it"});
Japanese google.load("maps", "2.123", {"language" : "ja"});
Catalan google.load("maps", "2.123", {"language" : "ca"});
Galego google.load("maps", "2.123", {"language" : "ga"});
Euskara google.load("maps", "2.123", {"language" : "eu"});

2. The file FM_LANGUAGE.JS needs to be edited or replaced with a file containing translations of all the strings in the original file.

Please email to us any files you create, the aim is to build up a library of language files so other users can use a ready-made file instead of the text translating themselves.

Feed Maps Language Files

1. Danish

The first translation of Feed Maps into another language has been made by Soren Johannessen who has used Feed Maps to create this excellent map of Copenhagen Music (featured recently on Google Maps Mania).

The Javascript file with the Danish text translation can be found at language_da.js. To display your feed map in Danish delete the default fm_language.js file and replace it with the language_da.js file (rename to fm_language.js).

2. Swedish

The Swedish translation of Feed Maps has been made by Lars Rosenhoff (Tjörnbilder)

The Javascript file with the Swedish text translation can be found at language_sv.js. To display your feed map in Swedish delete the default fm_language.js file and replace it with the language_sv.js file (rename to fm_language.js).


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