Dual Maps Version 6

About Dual Maps

  • Dual Maps combine Google Maps, Google Street View and Birds Eye imagery into one embeddable control.
  • Dual Maps are free to use. No registration is required.
  • Many customization options are available.

Get Started

To create a Dual Map enter your settings below and click 'Create'.

Copy and paste the generated script into your web page.

Tip: To quickly create a Dual Map for a given address use the addr parameter. For example:



Whats New in Version 6

Dual Maps 6 replaces Dual Maps 5 as the standard version.

Version 6 uses the Google Maps API for all content. This change is because the v6.3 Bing Maps API will be retired on November 2016. The Bing API was used in Dual Maps 5 to provide the birds eye imagery. The new version 8 Bing API will not be used for now as it does not yet include bird's eye imagery and also free use is limited.

Since the Google Maps API does now offer birds eye imagery this is used to provide the birds eye component of Dual Maps. The Google birds eye coverage is not yet as extensive as Bing's coverage, however coverage is being expanded over time.

Version 6 includes these new features:

• An address search box with autocomplete can be used to easily find a named location or address.

• A geolocation button can display your current location.

• The pegman direction is displayed on the birds eye map.

• The information panel is now (optionally) displayed in a smaller panel beneath the maps.

• The place marker on either the main map or the birds eye map can be dragged and dropped to a new location.

• The street view source can specify whether to use only official Google Street View outdoor imagery, or to also use User created indoor and outdoor imagery.

• Reverse geocoding is used to display the current marker address.

• Adverts can be hidden by clicking the 'hide ad' button which appears 30 seconds after the map loads.

• (Not currently available) Support for French and Spanish are now available. Please contact us if you would like to assist with translating Dual Maps into other languages.

Please contact us if you encounter a problem or have a custom mapping requirement.

Dual Map Preview

Create Your Dual Map

Secure Site
Width   px Height   px
Map Street View Aerial Information
Map Location
Map Options
Main Map Type
Alt Map Type
Mousewheel Scroll
Place Marker
Marker Colour
Custom Marker URL
Street View
Latitude °
Longitude °
Heading °
Pitch °
Show Date
Auto Street View
Street View Source

See the Dual Maps Reference (below) for more information about each setting.

  preview the map and generate the script

Dual Map Script

Copy and paste the HTML script below into your web page

Link To a Full Page Map

Dual Maps Reference

A dual map can be added to your web page by pasting the HTML map script. This code adds an Iframe containing a block of code to the page. You can manually edit this code to modify your maps appearance.

There are two elements within the script that can be changed: style and src.

Style Parameter Parameter Description
width Either a percentage value such as 100% or a value in pixels such as 800px.
height Should be a value in pixels (e.g. 500px)
padding Should always be 0
border Use 'border:solid 1px black' for a single pixel border around the maps. Remove this parameter for no border.

Src Parameter Default Value Parameter Description
lat 0 Latitude of Place Marker
lng 0 Longitude of Place Marker
z 0 Map Zoom Level (0 to 21).
gm 0 Main Map Type. 0=Road Map, 1=Satellite, 2=Hybrid, 3=Terrain
bm 2 Alternate Map Type. 0=Road Map, 1=Satellite, 2=Hybrid
mw 1 Mouse Wheel Scrolling. 0=disabled, 1=enabled.
mv 1 Marker is Visible
md 1 Marker is Draggable
mi 1 Marker Image: 1=Red(default), 2=Green, 3=Yellow, 4=Blue, or supply the url of a 32x32 marker image.
panel msb Initially visible panels: m=map, s=street view, b=bird's eye, i=info.
pt blank Place Title
pd blank Place Description
slat 0 Street View Latitude
slng 0 Street View Longitude
sh 0 Street View Heading. -360 to 360 degrees.
sp 0 Street View Pitch. -90 to 90 degrees.
sz 1 Street View Zoom. 0 to 3.
sd 1 Display Street View Date. 0=No 1=Yes.
sa 1 Auto Street View. 0=No 1=Yes. Will display nearest street view automatically when the place marker is moved.
ss 0 Street View Source. 0=Outdoor Only (default), 1=Outdoor and Indoor.
addr blank Address to geocode. If an address parameter is supplied the lat and lng parameters are ignored

To display a Dual Map with automatic streetview (the pegman will point towards the place marker) :

Omit the following parameters from the URL: slat, slng, sh, sp, sz

Note that the automatic streetview displayed is not always the nearest available streetview. This is a limitation of the Google Maps API. You can sometimes find a better street view by manually selecting the pegman location and heading.

Terms and Conditions

1. Display the maps with no portions obscured.

2. Do not modify or adapt the javascript code without written permission from Map Channels.

3. Comply with the Google Maps Terms.

Version History

7th October, 2016: Version 6.01 is now the default version of Dual Maps ahead of the retirement of the Bing Maps API which v5 used. Maps you are currently using will automatically upgrade to v6 so no action is required.

4th August, 2016: Version 6.01. Using the Google Maps API to display all map imagery, plus additional features.

3rd November, 2015: Version 5.01. Secure hosting is now available as an option.

26th March, 2013: Version 5. The Dual Maps code has been fully rewritten to use the current Google Maps v3 API.

7th November, 2011. Project moved to www.dualmaps.com as version 4.

2nd October, 2011. Improvement to the map loading process.

28th May, 2011: Version 3.03.

April, 2011: Version 3.02.

May, 2010: Version 3.01.

April, 2009: Version 3.0.

26th March, 2008: Version 2.

12th March, 2008: Version 1.

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If you have any comments or suggestions about Dual Maps please use the Contact page to get in touch.


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