KML and GeoRSS Data Compatibility

Map Channels can embed data in KML or GeoRSS formats with some limitations listed below


The subset of KML used by Google My Maps is supported. Some KML features used in Google Earth are not supported, such as network layers.

An additional KML field is supported by Map Channels scripts. A <thumbnail> element within the <metadata> element can be included. The value of this thumbnail element should be either left blank or set to the url of a thumbnail image. If a url is entered then the thumbnail image is displayed in the marker mouseover tooltip.

Thumbnail fields can be automatically generated within a KML using the Batch Geocoder.


GeoRSS Simple, GML and W3C encodings are all supported for single points, lines and polygons.

KMZ Files

KMZ files are not directly supported but you can easily use data from a KMZ to generate a map channel. As a KMZ file is a zipped KML file, extract the KML file from the KMZ file and then upload the KML file to a website, e.g. Google Pages.

Use the new URL of this KML file as the source data when creating your map channel.


If you have a KML or GeoRSS file which does not display correctly please contact us and we will try to add support for the feature. Please include the url of the data and the channel name you are using the data with.


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