Autocomplete Maps (beta)

Autocomplete Maps are a way to display Google Search Autocomplete results for a collection of places on a map. Although the results are not necessarily scientific or correct they can be quite informative and/or entertaining. Clicking the labels will display a list of all the Autocomplete results that were obtained.

Click on the links below to view some example maps. You can create and manage your Autocomplete Maps using the Dashboard. A range of options let you select the search terms and display format for your map.

This project is based on Autocomplete Maps originally developed by Keir Clarke at Google Maps Mania.

The code incorporates the MapLabel control developed by Luke Mahe and Chris Broadfoot from Google.

Create Your Map

Create Your Own Autocomplete Map Here.

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Example Autocomplete Maps







What If

When Is

Why Is

Is Going To






When Did

When Is

When Will


You can use the default map of country names or specify your own KML of place names, e.g. US states or British cities.

Results do not always refer to the country name in some cases. For example 'Georgia' results tend to be for US state of Georgia rather than the country. Results for Chad are often for a person named Chad. Results for Guinea tend to be for Guinea Pigs instead of the country.

If no results are obtained for a search then no label is displayed on the map for that place.

The project is currently in beta. Please contact us if you encounter a bug or to request a new feature.

Map Labels

The labels displayed on the map are based on the original MapLabel code. Some additional features have been added:

• Labels which overlap with other labels at the current zoom level are hidden. The z index of each label is determined randomly so that labels have an equal chance of displaying. Zoom into the map to view more labels.

• The label colour is changed when the cursor is moved over a label. You can set the highlight font and stroke colour in the Map Edit page.

• The labels can be clicked to display an info window which lists all results returned from the original Google search query.

• You can click on a listing within the info window to search Google for the displayed text.


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