Google Maps API Key

You should use your own Google Maps API key for version 6 maps and for locally hosted maps. Version 6 maps can be created without a key but if you supply your own key you get more features (the address search and local business search).

Follow the instructions below to obtain your key.

How to obtain an API Key

The tutorial video is best viewed full screen at 1080p

Visit the Google API Console and log in using your Google account.

APIs to Enable

Please enable the following libraries :

• Google Maps JavaScript API
• Google Maps Directions API
• Google Places API Web Service

Restricting The API Key to your site

You can optional limit your key so it can only be used within selected domains.

When you select the list of sites add this domain:


If your map uses secure hosting add the following domain:


Click on the 'Credentials' tab to obtain your key and copy to the clipboard.

Add the API key to your user profile

Click on the 'My Profile' button in the top right and set your API key in your profile.

The Map Channels site is designed so that an API key can only be used by one user account and that other users cannot use the same key.


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